Prescriptions in the palm of your hand

1.)  Go to Google Play or iTunes (your mobile app store)

2.)  Search for “onthegorx” (all one word)

3.)  Download app

4.)  Open app and click select store

5.)  Accept Terms and conditions

6.)  Go to login in or sign up

7.)  Click sign up at the bottom

8.)  Click on “find nearby store”

9.)  Click on “list”

10.) Select your preferred pharmacy

11.) Fill in all other fields (Rx #, name, and birthday)

12.) Enter your email address and password

Once logged in with your profile you can refill by the Rx number and you can also create a list of all of your prescriptions. You can also set up a pill reminder through the app to make sure you never miss a dose.

****Delivery is excluded on this app

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