Health Mart Products

Wagner pharmacy & wellness center is proud to partner with Health Mart Products to offer our clients the best in cutting-edge at-home blood glucose diagnostic equipment. Our patients living with diabetes can easily and accurately test their glucose levels at home or on-the-go with reliable products from Nipro, one of the most trusted and cost-effective brands in the business.

Health Mart Products is dedicated to “developing products that deliver outstanding performance and value,” that help their customers stay on top of their diabetes and continue to live healthy, enjoyable lives.

Wagner’s Health Mart products include:

Health Mart Products - Clinton, Camanche, Fulton

TRUEresult Blood Glucose Reader

TrueResult is a handy diagnostic reader for clients with an active lifestyle who need an easy, mobile way test their blood glucose levels while on-the-move. TRUEresult not only provides accurate and immediate results, it also stores readings and can provide averages for up to one month at a time. It’s large viewing area also provides easy readability.

Health Mart Products - Clinton, Camanche, Fulton

TRUEtest Test Strips

TRUEtest test strips fit into the TRUEresult Blood Glucose Reader to provide precise readings. Featuring the latest, no-coding, cutting-edge technology, TRUEtest test strips give accurate, precise results – every time. Convenient to use at home or away, you can rely on their Quad-Electrode Laser Accuracy to give the results you need. At a fraction of the cost of the competitors’ strips, Health Mart provides solutions you need.