Medication Synchronization


MedAssist is a suite of services designed to educate, inform, and empower our patients to take charge of their medications and meet their health goals. We’ve combined the expertise of a clinical pharmacist, with medication synchronization technology called TimeMyMeds, and medication convenience packaging in MedPack. Best of all, MedAssist is FREE OF CHARGE to all clients of Wagner Pharmacy!

Wagner has invested in a technology called TimeMyMeds, which synchronizes your medications around one common day of the month, on which we’ll fill all your medications. If you have several different medications, all which you fill on different dates throughout the month, you’re a prime candidate for medication synchronization. So if you’re tired of the disorganization, tired of the frequent trips to the pharmacy, sign up and let us manage it for you! We’ll work with you to find a convenient time of the month for you to pick up your multiple meds, and then start the synch process!

If you’re not already a client of Wagner and want to use the service, we’ll need to transfer your prescriptions from your current pharmacy prior to your enrollment. That’s a simple process, just let us know you would like to transfer and we’ll take care of it!